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Docs & Wikis
Bit's powerful editor helps you and your team create interactive living docs.
Team & Guest
Work seamlessly in real-time with multiple users and guests from around the world.
Multiple Sharing
Share work intelligently via shareable links, trackable links & website embeds.
AI Genius
Assistant Writer
Maximize your productivity and writing skills in seconds using AI Genius.

Modern. Beautiful. Powerful Communication.

Fully integrated intelligent living documents designed for the new era.

Turn Bit doc into a Bit Wiki by adding subpages.
pink pointer
Turn any Bit doc into a Bit wiki by adding subpages. Create a content tree hierarchy for smarter navigation.
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AI Genius Writer
Use AI Genius to assist you with customized templates.
Use AI Genius to assist you with customized templates, brainstorms, research, and more. Take your work to the next level.
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Quick SLASH MENU ( / )
Use Bit's slash menu by typing / on a blank line
Use Bit's slash menu by typing / on a blank line. Simply search for a widget and hit enter to add it. Quickly insert a code block, tables, signatures, and more.
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Smart tables that you can customize
Add smart tables that you can customize with table layouts, number of rows & columns, text justification, and more.
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URL Previews
Display visual link previews of any web article.
Display visual link previews of any web article. Customize the layout and text to add context to what you are sharing by adding your own thoughts.
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Add content across your cloud platformsAdd content across your cloud platforms
orange pointerorange pointerorange pointer
Add content across your cloud platforms through Bit's integration. Search and insert content that can be shown inside of your Bit doc. Any edits made in those apps will reflect inside of Bit.
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File PreViews
PDFs, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, MP4 & MP3 filesPDFs, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, MP4 & MP3 filesPDFs, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, MP4 & MP3 filesPDFs, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, MP4 & MP3 filesPDFs, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, MP4 & MP3 files
Add PDFs, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, MP4 & MP3 files and have them preview inside of your Bit doc.
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Add 100+ file types, images and more.
Add 100+ file types, images, text blocks, code blocks, math equations, digital content in your library, and more.
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preview of a smart documentpreview of editing the documentpreview of editing the documentpreview of editing the documentpreview of document being interlinkedresizing the imagepreview of adding a smart widgetpreview of adding a smart widgetpreview of embedded google sheetpreview of embedded google sheetpreview of a embedded zip filepreview of table in a document
Invite team members, clients & guests to collaborate in real-time..
Invite team members, clients, partners, students & guests to collaborate in real-time and work together effectively.
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100+ Rich Integrations
Add content from 100+ applications inside your Bit docs.
Add content from 100+  applications that can live inside your Bit docs. Updates made in those systems will be reflected in your docs so you can weave together your story.
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Select any text to make it bold, italics and much more.
Select any text to make it bold, italics, turn it into a heading, quote, list, hyperlink text, interlink docs, and much more.
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Bit docs and quickly choose the size and position of the images.
Add images to your Bit docs and quickly choose the size and position of the images. Include a caption that can be wrapped around your image.
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Highlight specific text on the doc to @mention, make decisions, ask questions, and drive collaboration.
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EmBED Rich Media
In Bit docs your audience can interact with the rich media you add to your documents from across your tech stack. It's the right way to communicate beyond text & images.
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Include code blocks with syntax highlighting
Include code blocks with syntax highlighting in your Bit docs and wikis. Choose from dozens of coding languages.
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preview of embedded google sheet
Add hint blocks to your Bit docs to draw extra attention to notes, ideas, and information you need to share with your audience.
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Share it in multiple ways
Once you're done with your Bit doc or wiki, share it in multiple ways with a live link, trackable link or embed it onto any website.
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Your documents will never look and feel the same again.
Bit's collaborative documents can flow from text to video, cloud-based spreadsheets, surveys, diagrams, and more. There is no restriction on how you can stack elements together.

Create the Future with Bit Docs.

Smart docs & wikis that will help you think better, work smarter and communicate better.
Powerful Docs & Wikis

Smart Docs & Wikis

  • Bit powerful and easy-to-use editor will help you create any type of documentation.
  • Interactive docs that can handle various types of content and media formats to provide more context and are easy to understand.
  • Folder Hierarchy
    Wikis & Docs

AI GENIUS: Your Personal
Writing Assistant

  • Maximize your productivity and writing skills using Bit's powerful & intuitive AI Genius to create any content in seconds.
  • Use AI Genius to create custom templates, help create outlines, answer questions, assist with research, and much more.
  • Personalized Templates
AI Writing Assistant
Document Collaboration

On the Same Page

  • Work with your team, clients, partners, or students, regardless of where they are located, and collaborate on projects together in real-time.
  • Maximize productivity and keep everyone on the same page with powerful co-editing, comments, and real-time notifications.
  • Real-Time Collaboration

ORGANIZE Work Across
Fluid Workspaces

  • Organize your team knowledge in workspaces, folders, documents, and wikis. A single place for your knowledge management and team collaboration.
  • Bit workspaces scale across your entire organization, regardless of whether everyone is in one location or globally distributed.
  • Folder Hierarchy
    Wikis & Docs
Organized Workspaces
Bit Integrations

INTEGRATE Content in Docs via Integrations

  • Bit makes all your tools work better by letting you integrate industry-leading software and custom apps right into your docs.
  • Enrich your docs and wikis with any type of digital content. Add files, videos, maps, charts, presentations, forms, and much more.
  • Rich Media

SAVE Valuable Time Searching Across Knowledge

  • Whether you are searching for workspaces, folders, documents, or content inside documents, Bit's Smart Search delivers results instantaneously.
  • Save and search all sorts of digital assets like images, PDFs, links, embeds, cloud files, in your workspaces for quick document creation.
  • Rich Text Search
Universal Search
Share Docs & Wikis

SHARE Docs & Wikis in Multiple Ways

  • Create a shareable live link for any document and share it with anyone via any channel. Embed your docs onto any website or blog in minutes and update them in real-time.
  • Share your documents via trackable links to understand how users interact with them. Add lead capture forms, password protection, automatic destruction, and more.
  • Live Links
    Website Embed
    Client Portal

CREATE Impressive
Client Portals & Data Rooms

  • Create invite-only custom workspaces for virtual data rooms and client portals for any industry.
  • Invite up to 50 guests to allow for secure data sharing and effective collaboration with permission controls.
  • Login Access
Client Portals & Data Rooms

Sharing Made Smarter.

Share your Bit Docs & Wikis in a multitude of ways with's extensive sharing system.
Live Document & 
Wiki Sharing
Share your living documents and wikis with a single link. Make updates to your document at any time.
Doc & Wiki Tracking
Track your documents and wikis to learn about your audience's engagement levels.
Embed Docs & 
Wikis on Websites
Embed your documents and wikis on nearly any website. Make updates immediately without wasting time.
Lead Capture Forms for Docs & Wikis
Add lead capture forms for your shared docs & wikis for easy follow-ups and tracking.
Password Protection for Docs & Wikis
Add a personalized password for docs and wikis you share with the outside world.
Expiration Dates for Docs & Wikis
Set document & wiki expiration dates for content that needs to be accessed within a specific time period.
Guest Access with
Login Required
Invite clients, partners, contractors and field employees into selected workspaces to view docs & wikis.
Internal Workspaces Sharing
Invite collaborators into select workspaces and give them edit, comment-only, or read-only access.

Streamline Your Work & Tools in One Place.

Bit combines an endless number of tools to simplify your work.

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