Design Automation

Bit documents have design automation behind them. Save valuable time with Bit as it automates design to make all of your documents beautiful. With a click of a button change the look of your documents, tables, text styling and much more.

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Automatic Text Formatting

Beautiful Text Formating Automatically

  • Automatic Text Formatting
    Bit documents are incredibly easy to work with and all you have to do is start typing. As you type highlight any of your text.
  • Automatic Text Formatting
    Adjust your text to header 1, header 2, header 3, quote, checklists, etc. and watch your text change color, style and design automatically.

Design Beautiful Tables
in Seconds

  • Beautiful table designs
    Use Bit's beautiful auto tables and create quick tables that look professional and polished for a variety of use cases.
  • Beautiful table designs
    Whether you're sharing tabular information for internal purposes, creating invoices, task lists, etc. Bit's tables look beautiful.
Beautiful table designs
Convert weblinks to rich embeds

Automatically Convert Weblinks in Rich Embeds

  • Convert weblinks to rich embeds
    Add any shareable weblink on a blank line and hit enter. Bit's system will automatically generate a rich embed from over 80+ various applications. Add links from YouTube, Google Sheets, Airtable, etc.
  • Convert weblinks to rich embeds
    The rich embeds will live live inside of the Bit document, any updates to the embed will reflect inside of the document.

Adjust Your Document Layout Anytime with a Click

  • different document themes
    Bit documents can automatically adjust their design layouts by selecting themes.
  • different document themes
    At any point during your document creation process, you can select any theme and your document will automatically be adjusted with a click of a button. Don't worry you can update it at anytime.
different document themes
100+ Bit Templates

Choose from Over 100+ Templates

  • 100+ Bit Templates
    Bit has a robust template library across various roles and use cases to help teams get up and running without wasting anytime.
  • 100+ Bit Templates
    Use Bit documents for quick outlines and start creating important internal and external documents.

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