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Bit's AI Genius is designed to enhance your team's efficiency and writing abilities. Whether you need assistance in creating project outlines, generating reports, or brainstorming ideas for upcoming projects. AI Genius supports collaboration and encourages innovation; making it an invaluable asset for your team.
Tech / Engineering


Deliver projects on time and exceed your objectives.
  • Software Requirements Docs
    Create Software Requirements Docs
  • User Manuals
    Write User Manuals
  • Procedure Docs
    Create Procedure Docs
  • Develop API Documentation
    Develop API Documentation
  • Write Release Notes
    Write Release Notes
  • Troubleshooting Guides
    Create Troubleshooting Guides


Deliver projects on time and exceed your objectives.
  • Build Project Plans
    Build Project Plans
  • Project Charters
    Create Project Charters
  • Risk Register Documents
    Write Risk Register Documents
  • Create Communication Plans
    Create Communication Plans
  • Develop Status Reports
    Develop Status Reports
  • Meeting Agenda
    Create a Meeting Agenda


Deliver projects on time and exceed your objectives.
  • Sales Proposals
    Create Sales Proposals
  • Sales Agreements
    Build Sales Agreements
  • Make Quotations
    Make Quotations
  • Write Invoices
    Write Invoices
  • Sales Playbooks
    Create Sales Playbooks
  • Sales Material
    Create Sales Material


Deliver projects on time and exceed your objectives.
  • Software Design Documents
    Create Software Design Documents
  • User UX/UI Design Documents
    Build User UX/UI Design Documents
  • Product Design Documents
    Build Product Design Documents
  • Game Design Documents
    Write a Game Design Documents
  • Architectural Design Documents
    Create Architectural Design Documents
  • Design Document Proposals
    Create Design Document Proposals


Deliver projects on time and exceed your objectives.
  • Create Marketing Plan
    ‍Create Marketing Plan
  • Press Release
    ‍Write Press Release
  • Sales Proposal
    ‍Develop Sales Proposal
  • Case Study
    ‍Build Case Stud
  • Market Research Report
    ‍Write Market Research Report
  • Brand Style Guides
    Create Brand Style Guides
Customer Service


Deliver projects on time and exceed your objectives.
  • Generate Support Knowledge Bases
    Generate Support Knowledge Bases
  • Create Customer Service Policies
    Create Customer Service Policies
  • Build Customer Service Training Manual
    Build Customer Service Training Manual
  • Customer Service Scripts
    Write Customer Service Scripts
  • Make Customer Service Emails
    Make Customer Service Emails
  • Customer Service FAQ's
    Build Customer Service FAQ's


Deliver projects on time and exceed your objectives.
  • Create Research Papers
    Create Research Papers
  • Create Thesis
    Create a Thesis
  • Create Conference Paper
    Create Conference Paper
  • Create Grant Proposal
    Create a Grant Proposal
  • Research Proposal
    Create a Research Proposal
  • Create Experiment Report
    Create an Experiment Report
Human Resources


Deliver projects on time and exceed your objectives.
  • Employee Handbook
    Create an Employee Handbook
  • Offer Letter
    Generate an Offer Letter
  • Employee Contract
    Write an Employment Contract
  • Confidentiality Agreement
    Create a Confidentiality Agreement
  • Make Training Manual
    Make a Training Manual
  • Health & Safety Policy
    Health & Safety Policy


Deliver projects on time and exceed your objectives.
  • Create Reports
    Create Reports
  • Meeting Agendas
    Create Meeting Agendas
  • Create Memos
    Create Memos
  • Create Project Plans
    Create Project Plans
  • Create Policies & Procedures
    Create Policies & Procedures
  • Create Job Descriptions
    Create Job Descriptions

LIMITLESS Knowledge Creation

Smart docs & wikis that will help you think better, work smarter, communicate better.

Incredibly Easy To Use


Bit Ai Genius is incredibly easy and straightforward to use. Simply start with a prompt from within your editor at any point and watch as results appear in seconds. customize and edit it further in real-time with your team to suit your specific needs, making it your own.

Create at the speed of thought!
Hyper-Personalized Templates


Say farewell to wasting time on creating templates from scratch. Customize each template to fit your specific requirements, making your work process more efficient and increasing your output. Generate, personalize, and reuse templates that adjust to your needs, saving you time and enhancing your productivity.

Achieve more in less time!
Build Content Outlines


Bit Ai Genius simplifies your workload by carrying out the difficult tasks for you, offering a strong base to expand upon. In just a matter of seconds, it enables you and your team to produce captivating and informative content by generating outlines on any topic you are working on.

Get a head start on your work!
Generate Ideas


Use Bit's Ai Genius to effortlessly spark your imagination and ingenuity. Go from initial ideas to your first drafts in seconds. It enables you to generate ideas for various purposes such as social media captions, profile bios, cover letters, email campaigns, marketing materials, proposals, and much more.

Maximize your productivity!
Amazing Autoformatting


Bit's AI Genius will automatically organize and auto-format your responses by adding appropriate headings and subheadings. It can also generate structured data in the form of tables, lists, block quotes, syntax highlighting, and other formatting elements based on your input.

Beautiful designed content with a push of a button!

Add AI Genius to ANY Paid Plan

Get 10K words for free on any paid plan. Include AI Genius Add-On for more words.
AI Genius Writing Assistant
AI Genius Writing Assistant
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Add $10 for every 100K additional words up to 1 million words per month across your organization. Add to any paid plan. For teams, choose who gets access.
Increase efficiency by generating ideas, templates, research, etc. in seconds!

Bit's AI Genius Writer FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding AI Genius Writer.

What AI Service is Bit.ai using?

Bit.ai uses OpenAI's GPT as it's LLM (large language model provider).

Does Bit.ai train models using my input or output?

We do not use your input or output to train machine-learning models and we do not authorize others either.

Who can use Bit.ai's AI Genius Writer?

AI Genius writer can be used by all users of a paid organization.

How can Admins monitor and manage AI usage?

By default AI Writer is turned on for all paid accounts. Admins can turn on or off AI access to any user in the organization and monitor the monthly usage of AI writer per user.

How much does AI Genius cost?

All paid plans have a 10K included word limit for each organization. There is an add-on allowing you to increase your limits. Click here for add-on pricing.

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