Create Unlimited Company Wikis

Bit documents can be woven together to create company wikis for internal or external use. Interconnect documents around topics, teams, departments, processes, etc. and collaborate on these documents internally or share them externally.

Interlink Your Documents and Click Between Them

  • Bit allows users to create unlimited documents and interlink them to create wikis that are living and growable.
  • Interlink documents around various topics and subjects to have everything work together making it easier to share knowledge.

Link to Different Sections of a Document

  • Add anchor links anywhere in a document by grabbing a link from the automated table of contents. Allow users to quickly scroll down the page to that exact location.
  • Users can also grab anchor links between documents that can reference another document and take a user to an exact location within a document.

Control Who You Share Knowledge With

  • Users can create an unlimited number of workspaces and invite various collaborators to work together.
  • Knowledge can be shared based on departments, roles, projects, clients, etc. Bit's workspaces create an organized way of sharing important information.

Create External Wikis & Share them With Anyone

  • After creating a wiki of interlinked documents simply turn on sharing permissions for all the interlinked documents and share the primary link.
  • Anyone you share that link with will be able to click between referenced documents and view the wiki.

Create Internal Wikis & Share with With Your Team

  • If you and your team are creating a wiki for internal purposes you can create a workspace with the appropriate colleagues added. Add any type of information you would like and interlink the documents.
  • This content will only be visible to those who have access to the workspace. Unless sharing permissions are turned on, the only users who have access are those inside of the workspace.

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