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Bit's powerful real-time collaboration makes it easier to deliver great work and keep everyone in the loop. Remote teams can work together intelligently across departments and be productive with powerful co-editing, inline comments and push notifications.

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Smart docs & wikis that will help you think better, work smarter, communicate better.

Smart Workspaces

Collaborate from Anywhere with Smart Workspaces

  • Smart Workspaces
    Bit documents reside in workspaces that you can create for personal use or invite teammates to join you and work together. Anyone who is part of a workspace has the ability to collaborate across the documents inside that workspace.
  • Smart Workspaces
    Collaborators can write together, add content to their documents simultaneously, add inline comments and much more.

Work in Documents Simultaneously

  • Easy Document Styling
    Work together with teams and work together on projects, processes, collateral, daily work, etc. Enter documents simultaneously and work together on various sections of your document or even the same paragraph and line.
  • Easy Document Styling
    Add files, rich embeds, web links and more together. Update the theme color and theme settings without disrupting your colleagues.
Easy Document Styling
Add Comments Inside Documents

Add Comments
Inside Your Document

  • Add Comments Inside Documents
    Whether you're editing a document, have questions or want feedback on different parts of a document, highlight the text and add an inline comment. You can @mention any collaborator and a notification will be sent to them.
  • Add Comments Inside Documents
    When they click the notification they will arrive at that exact spot in the document. Inline comments is a smart way to collaborate and chat about work in a structured relevant way.

Turn Back Time with
Version History

  • See Version History
    When you're collaborating with a team, it's possible that changes were made to a document and you need to revert it back. Or you need to copy something from an earlier version and add it to your document.
  • See Version History
    Bit has an unlimited version history, allowing you to go back in time and revert your document to a previous version or find content that you needed to copy over.
See Version History

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