Create Integrated Smart Documents

Take your internal and external communication to the next level with Bit's Interactive living documents. Interconnect all digital content with written words to create a higher level document that is more informative, engaging and easier to navigate.

Add Any Type of Digital Content to Your Documents

Bit Document
You can add a file attachment anywhere in your document. Have it display as a file icon or select preview mode and render your PDFs, MP4 files, PowerPoints and more inside of your Bit docs.
Bit Document
You can add shareable weblinks from 80+ popular applications and the content will automatically appear anywhere in your document. Add YouTube videos, Google Spreadsheets, Airtable Databases, Loom videos, Calendly and more.
Bit Document
You can add beautifully designed tables. Update the look of your tables with a click of a button. Highlight the top bar, the left column, alternate rows, alternate columns and more.
Bit Document
Bit supports LaTeX math equations that can be added anywhere inside of your Bit documents. Add mathmatical equations for research, financial work, class assignments and more.
Bit Document
You can add multi-line code blocks that are fully responsive. Code blocks are a great way of sharing code snippets for internal use, customer service, client onboarding, training manuals, etc.
Bit Document
You can integrate across major cloud storage systems like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and Dropbox. Once integrated you can embed your cloud content inside of your Bit documents.
Bit Document
You can insert content that has been saved to your content library inside of Bit. Quickly reuse any saved content and save valuable time creating smart integrated documents.

Add Content from 80+
Popular Application

  • With over 80+ rich media integrations Bit docs are one of the most robust ways to link information across applications into one beautiful story.
  • Simply paste a shareable link from any third party website and bit will automatically display it in the most beautiful way to make it more interactive. Add YouTube videos, Google Sheets, Airtable databases, Typeform surveys and more.

Easily Reuse & Insert Digital Content

  • Add any type of digital content from files, cloud files, weblinks, rich embeds, etc. to your content library. Anything in your content library can be used multiple times across your documents.
  • Save valuable time when creating your communication, project documents, sales collateral, contracts and more by referencing any of the digital content in your content library.

Add Content from Your
Cloud Systems

  • Integrate your Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Box and Dropbox accounts in one beautiful place. Search across your cloud storage systems to quickly locate the cloud files you need and share them directly into your Bit documents.
  • Your cloud files will automatically be embedded into your documents. Any updates made to the cloud file will reflect inside of your Bit document.

Smart Tables with
Design Automation

  • Add 100's of various types of file attachments to your Bit documents. Select an option to embed PDFs, PowerPoints, Word, Excel, MP4 and MP3 files into your documents.
  • Allow your team an external audience to scroll through the embeded documents and view the contents entirely without having to download the file.

Turn Smart Docs into
Wikis by Interlinking

  • Documents created in Bit can be easily interlinked. Simply highlight any text and a formatting bar will appear. Select interlink documents and search for the document you would like to reference or create a brand new document.
  • A hyperlink will automatically be added between the two documents. With Bit it's easy to stitch the story together regardless of where that information lives.

Ready to Create Next Generation Documents?