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We want to help teams work smarter not harder.

Bit.ai is the first to bring documents management, creation, and insight to one platform. We want to help businesses communicate effectively beyond images and text.

Every company, department, and team has their own unique set of digital tools, files and web resources that they use. With the expansion of our tools, communicating around projects, ideas and work have become disjointed. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, remote teams, external partners, and clients has become complicated. Piecing content together information from various tools to tell a story, make decisions, evaluate projects, close deals has become disjointed.

Imagine sharing, collaborating and working together in one central location. Bit.ai documents have been created to allow projects to be completed, reports to be analyzed, decisions to be made, information to be shared with teams by pulling information together wherever it lives.

Imagine technical documents that move and come alive with colorful code blocks and Github rich embeds. Imagine project management documents that encompass all of the Google spreadsheets and reports you need to refer to in one central location. Imagine sales documents that encompass videos and presentations with the ability to understand how your audience engaged with your content. No more fumbling through folders and files that live online, offline, in One Drive, Google drive, Dropbox, etc. No more Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo posts that have you digging back in time to locate. 

We want every team to do their work, tell their story, brainstorm ideas, close deals without any content restrictions. Bit documents breathe life into work and help teams get results.

As the digital world grows around us, it’s even more important to make sure the way we work can encompass the changing world around us. 

At Bit.ai we are committed to making that happen.

Ad Astra!

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