Smart Knowledge Management

Bit documents are built to scale across teams, departments and companies to be one place for knowledge management. With smart permissions and access points and modern documents that integrate across your digital content, Bit is a smart way to bring your knowledge together in one place.

Control Who You Share Your Knowledge With

  • Bit's system starts with workspaces. When a workspace is created it's only visible to the creator unless they choose to bring other collaborators into that workspace.
  • Bit's workspace scale very well across various size teams, departments and cross functional teams. Anyone who is a collaborator in a workspace has access to all of the content inside of that workspace.

Create an Internal or External Wiki

  • Bit documents can be easily interlinked together. As you type and reference another document simply highlight the text and search for the document you want to interlink to it.
  • If you want to share interlinked documents with the outside world simply turn on sharing for those interlinked documents. There's nothing else you need to do as the documents will automatically become viewable and remain interlinked with the outside world.

Link to Different Sections
of Documents

  • Bit's living documents are robust and filled with information, smart widgets and all types of digital content. As more of your knowledge gets saved into Bit, it becomes a necessity to be able to quickly cross-reference your documents and interlink them.
  • You can also interlink to different heading sections of any document taking the audience to an exact spot of a page.

Create a Shared
Content Library

  • Each workspace has a content library allowing teammates to add content from their desktops, cloud files, weblinks, rich embeds and much more.
  • All content shared by teammates gets added in one central repository that eliminates shoulder tapping and allows collaborators to easily insert the content into documents and reference to it.

Turn Back Time with
Version History

  • Bit documents have unlimited version history allowing you and your team to go back in time to view updates and changes that have been made to your documents.
  • Versioning is an important part of documents to make sure the knowledge you are sharing is protected from accidental deletions and unintended changes.

Ready to Create Next Generation Documents?