Smart Knowledge Management

Bit's knowledge management system allows employees and partners in various offices, locally or globally to organize, share, create and collaborate on knowledge in real time. With collaborative virtual workspaces Bit offers a digital work environment that gives workers secure access to documents, files, and resources at any time from any where.

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Smart Workspaces

Create Workspaces
Based on Your Workflows

  • Smart Workspaces
    Create any number of workspaces based or your organization needs to ensure that the right team members have access to the right knowledge at the right time.
  • Smart Workspaces
    Keep workspaces private or add any number of collaborators with proper permission levels to give easy access and work together from any where therby increase productivity.

Organize and Collaborate Effectively

  • Organize and Collaborate Docs
    Organization of knowledge can happen at different levels depending on your organization needs with workspaces, folders, wikis and documents.
  • Organize and Collaborate Docs
    This centralized way of sharing and collaborating on knowledge helps create a structured way of storing and moving information through your organization’s workflows.
Organize and Collaborate Docs
Smart Search

Search Knowledge Instantly
with Smart Search

  • Smart Search
    Bit documents also support smart search, which allows anyone to search and find files, images, documents, and text inside documents quickly and easily across the system.
  • Smart Search
    With the ability to effectively label content, users can search their digital assets using keywords, titles and descriptions.

Gather Insights In Workspaces

  • Workspace Insights
    Each workspace offers you insights like total number of docs created, users added, guests invited and more.
  • Workspace Insights
    See internal user activity of each workspace and keep track of publicly shared documents.
Workspace Insights

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