Smart Document Management

Bit is a smart document management system that helps companies organize their knowledge by teams, projects and departments.

Create Workspaces Based on Work You Do

  • Organizations using Bit can create an unlimited number of workspaces to help organize information and content around various team members, projects, clients and departments.
  • This centralized way of saving, collaborating on knowledge helps create a structured way of storing information.

Organize Content in
Folders & Subfolders

  • Add an unlimited number of folders and subfolders to create the hierarchy you need to save and organize your documents.
  • Move documents between folders and workspaces to make information easy to find. It's important to keep your information organized for yourself and your team as you work together.

Gather Insights on Document Engagement

  • When you share a Bit document you can choose to create a trackable link to gather insights on the documents you share. Measure time spent, frequency of visits and more.
  • By analyzing your document engagement levels you and your team can make smarter decisions on follow up steps or updates to the content itself.

Get Access to Unlimited Version History

  • Whether you are working with your team or working on your own, it's important to be able to go back in time and view older versions of your document.
  • You can monitor who has made changes to the document at any given time. It's a fast and easy way to revert back to a previous copy in case their was an unintended change.

Run an Analysis Report
on Any Document

  • Create a report on every document you create. Analyze the word count, reading time, document performance, assets added inside of your documents and much more.
  • Whether you're writing internal documents, published content or content for a particular audience, it's helpful to understand various aspects of your document.

Ready to Create Next Generation Documents?