Whether you're launching a new product, managing your campaigns, creating content or sharing marketing reports, see how Bit can help you succeed.

Bit for Marketing Teams

Marketers across industries have one thing in common they have to wear many hats. Marketing teams are working across various projects, campaigns, product launches, and events. That requires bouncing between editorial calendars, social media channels, website marketing pages, product launches, influencer campaigns and analytics platforms. 

All of this competing work makes it hard to work productively and exceed monthly business goals. It requires you to have strong organization and communication strategy. 

With the right tools in place, marketers can organize their work and communicate so that everyone is on the same page. Bit's marketing team uses Bit's documents, workspaces, content library and document tracking to collaborate and manage marketing campaigns, statuses, updates, resources and successes no matter where they are in the world. 

Get inspired and create your own Bit space and work smarter together!

What makes marketing teams productive?

With this Bit document, your team can seamlessly coordinate on content creation, editing and production, while keeping an eye on your distribution strategy. 

Editorial Content

View the status of every blog post from idea to published post.

Manage drafts, illustrations, and assets for each content piece by adding images, videos, presentations and social media posts along the way. 

Ensure that nothing is missed like social media posts and your promotion strategy by creating a publishing process with checklists

Keep your team in the loop by adding writers, editors, designers and social media managers to your workspace.

Comment throughout your document and @mention your teammates to get approvals, make decisions and publish your content. 

Create a daily dashboard for your team to work off of to streamline your work.

Marketing Launch Pad

Share a high level view of marketing goals, projects and what's next for the team.

Quickly launch applications from one place and hold discussions.

Create transparency within your team and the company.

Easily find project leads, goals, updates, and where work is taking place for specific projects.

Facilitate a more effective marketing team meeting by using your launch pad during meeting agendas and brainstorming.

Coordinate with your team on all the in's and outs of your event to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Event Planning

Stay on top of all the details for organizing a great event from marketing, tickets, schedule, and design assets.

Quickly see the status of your event and where the team is on their tasks.

Keep everything organized by adding event details, customer contact spreadsheets, media and assets to a Bit document, so the everyone involved knows where to get what they need.

Combine various types of content across 50+ popular applications to help pull multiple resources together for full transparency.

Create content that you can track to help your team hit your marketing targets quicker.

Partner / Influencer Outreach

Track and study when your audience opens your marketing material and presentations. 

Understand how long they spend reviewing your dynamic documents to understand how your content is being consumed.

Receive real-time alerts when documents are being visited so your team can quickly follow-up while the iron is hot. 

Conduct A/B testing on the marketing material you create to figure out what gets you the best results.

Add lead capture forms to your marketing content to grow your marketing contact list.

Easily coordinate across teams and cross-functional teams for awesome product launches.

Product Launches

Manage your team's communication, collaboration, files, and media without having to jump across different applications. 

Create transparency for your team as to what work is getting done and what needs attention.

Make sure every part of the launch is on track by communicating with your colleagues. 

Create launch day checklists that define who is doing what and when for an impressive well-coordinated launch. 

Powerful Embed Integrations Bring all Your Marketing Work Together

Add Google Drive content quickly inside of your documents to enhance your workplace communication and make your ideas come alive.

Expand on explanations, processes, statuses with content that lives on other applications. 

Save valuable time by integrating live spreadsheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, PDFs and more by adding a simple shareable link into your Bit document. 

Bit also supports integrations with OneDrive, Box and Dropbox.

Embed Cloud Files

Airtable Grid, Form, Calendar, Gallery or Kanban Board

Share content across applications to provide full context over projects, events, campaigns, launches and workflows.

Choose any Airtable content view and even filtered view to deliver the exact content you need to communicate. 

Tell a complete story and reduce the time it takes to locate and find information across applications to get a see the complete picture. 

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

Add social media posts that display live likes, tweets, re-pins, comments, etc. 

Create content drafts for blog posts and include social media content in the proposals, eBooks, training material and more that you create inside of Bit.

Live social media posts inside your documents will help your team understand what's working and what's not.

Quickly track and review campaigns and influencer campaigns with live updates on content that is shared over social media networks. 

YouTube, Vimeo and Streamable

Add videos across various platforms and embed them into Bit to provide more context on the information you're sharing. 

Include videos in proposals, training documents, editorial content, events, video production and much more.  

Use streamable to collect videos from across the web on various websites as you do marketing research to figure out what's working and what's not. 

Make your ideas come alive with videos that play directly into your Bit documents.

Useloom and CloudApp

Create videos in UseLoom and CloudApp to help answer questions for your customers. 

Share explanatory videos with your marketing, product and management teams to explain campaigns, recommended product changes, competitive research, etc.

Add interactivity to content you're creating to create engaging eBooks, help guides, answer customer queries and more. 

Google Forms and Typeform

Add surveys directly into the documents you're collaborating on with your teammates to make quicker decisions and gather insight.

Receive feedback on the content you create for your customers and potential customers.

Track surveys created and their results in a Bit document for a faster way to manage the surveys that have been distributed.

Create transparency across the marketing team as to the results and reduce the time it takes to find survey information and results across applications.

Marketers work smarter together with Bit.





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