Bit is designed to run your entire startups work, processes, projects, engineering, customer service, and more so your employees can collaborate and work more efficiently.

Share Knowledge Across Organization
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Single Source of Truth
Multiple Doc & Wiki Sharing Options
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How Helps You

Smart docs & wikis that will help you think better, work smarter, communicate better.
Smart Documents

Smart Interactive Docs

  • Create smart interactive documents that can include text, images, web links, various files, tables and embeds.
  • Make your documents and wikis look beautiful with minimal effort using our design automation.
  • Add more context to your docs with smart widgets like code blocks, tables, content library, rich media, AI Genius and over 100+ embed integrations.

Effortless Collaboration In Real-Time

  • Real-time collaboration opens endless opportunities for you and your team to work from anywhere.
  • Remote teams can communicate virtually as efficiently as they do in person with features like co-editing, inline comments and push notifications.
  • Create dedicated workspaces for different departments/projects/clients making it easier for your teams and clients to work together seamlessly.
Document Collaboration
Bit Workspace

Organize Knowledge in One Place

  • Organization of knowledge can happen at different levels depending on your company needs with digital workspaces, folders, wikis and documents.
  • This centralized way of sharing and collaborating on knowledge helps create a structured way of storing and moving information through your organization’s workflows.
  • Easily organize content by dragging and dropping blocks of content or wiki pages where you want them.

Make Knowledge Easily Accessible

  • Drive productivity in your organization with Bit's effortless collaboration and lightning-fast knowledge exchange.
  • Smart search allows anyone to find not only workspaces and folder but also files, images, documents and even text inside documents instantly.
  • No more digging around in different platforms to find relevant content. Access all your docs, digital assets and cloud content from one unified workspace.
Universal Search
Document Sharing

Multiple Doc & Wiki Sharing Options

  • Bit has a multi-faceted document & wiki sharing to meet every type of sharing need.
  • Docs can also be shared externally via a private link or trackable link with password protection, expiration date, lead capture and more.
  • Embed Bit documents or wikis on any website or blog and include your custom branding, automated table of contents

Use AI Genius to Work Faster

Yes, Bit is easy to use. Make it even easier by learning all about the platform in the quickest way!
Create. Write. Build.
Strategize. Brainstorm.
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Maximize your team's productivity and writing skills with AI Genius. Bit's AI Genius is designed to enhance your team's efficiency and writing abilities. Whether you need assistance in creating project outlines, generating reports, or brainstorming ideas for upcoming projects, AI Genius is your reliable companion. It supports collaboration and encourages innovation, making it an invaluable asset for your team.


Deliver projects on time and exceed your objectives.
  • Create Reports
  • Create Meeting Agendas
  • Create Memos
  • Create Project Plans
  • Create Policies & Procedures
  • Create Job Descriptions

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