How Bit Helps Teams Succeed

Bit helps teams of all sizes stay connected, productive, and innovative.

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preview of a marketing team


Turn ideas into action and move from conception to execution. Collaborate & pull diverse mediums of information together, no matter where it lives, online & offline. Track your proposals and campaigns in one place.

Marketing Use Cases 👉
preview of a sales team


Quickly locate sales collateral and customize it based on your customer's needs. Work with cross-functional teams to move your lead through the sales process. Track engagement levels and close deals quicker.

Sales Team Use Cases 👉
preview of a design team


Share design assets with departments and teams across your organization. Pull inspirations together wherever they live online and offline. Collaborate more effectively across departments.

Design Team Use Cases 👉
preview of a product team


Properly track and manage the most complex projects with ease. Reduce your time searching and finding spreadsheets, proposals, and progress trackers. Get work done from one place and let Bit help you see go from conception to final product.

Product Team Use Cases 👉
preview of a tech team


Work effectively across departments and quickly loop everyone in on updates to products. Manage user feedback and bugs from one smart location. Create workplace efficiency by decreasing communication silos.

Tech Team Use Cases 👉
preview of a research & development team


Organize your research, brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects, publish your research documents, and more. Reduce your time searching, interlinking, and creating complex research projects.  Collaborate and go from initial research to published interactive digital documentation.

R&D Use Cases 👉
preview of a customer service team


Easily collaborate, manage, and access your customer support systems. Organize your workflows and collaborate effectively across departments. Share important customer-facing information with ease and track results.

Customer Service Use Cases 👉
preview of a human resources team


Easily manage current benefits, policies, hiring needs, onboarding, and support systems. Organize your workflows and collaborate effectively across departments. Communicate effectively with candidates and headhunters outside of your organization and track results.

Human Resources Use Cases 👉
preview of a management team


Conduct strategic planning and turn ideas into actionable ideas. Easily track updates on projects, access reports, and formulate plans to get work done. Play nice with cross-functional and remote teams to achieve your goals.

Management Use Cases 👉

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