Smart Document Tracking

Bit documents allow you to track engagement levels on the documents you share with the any outside audience. Gain insight on time spent, frequency of visits, lead capture information and much more.

Study Engagement Insights on Your Documents

  • Bit documents can be shared with a trackable link allowing you to track engagement insights. Understand how much time is spent on the documents you are creating, the frequency of opens and other important information.
  • Engagement insights help to follow up with your audience and make necessary updates to the content you create.

Create Intelligent
Lead Magnets

  • Add an optional lead capture form to the documents you share. There are times when we share documents and you want to know who has accessed them.
  • Now with Bit you can add a lead capture form to any document and gather audience information like name, email address, job titles, company name and more. Gain better insight as to who is accessing your documents.

Add Password Protection on Your Trackable Links

  • There are some documents that are important and we want to add an extra layer of security on them when we share them with the outside world. With Bit you can add a customized password to any document.
  • Once the password has been turned on, your audience has to fill out the password in order to view the document from that trackable link. You have full access to the settings of any trackable link you create. This means you can adjust the password by changing it or removing it all together.

Add Expiration Dates on Your Shared Documents

  • Some documents are only meant to be viewed and accessed for a particular period of time. With Bit you don't have to keep tabs and try to remember what document links you need to disable.
  • When you create a trackable link you can set up an expiration date where that link will no longer be accessible and will automatically turn off. You can adjust the expiration date at any time and extend it or remove it all together.

Adjust Your Tracking Settings at Anytime

  • Bit's trackable links provide you with a ton of customizations and options. You can choose from adding a lead capture page, adding your profile on that page, adding a password, setting an expiration date and much more.
  • One of the best things about Bit's trackable links is that they are completely customizable even after they are created. You have the ability to adjust the link tracking settings at any time.

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