Learn how to collaborate on smart documents, manage and track your content across your teams, organization and clients.

Bit Academy

Time Duration: 1:38

Video Series: Get Started with Bit

Learn how to use Bit's minimal editor to format text to create headers, bold, italics, checkmark boxes and more!

How to Format Text

Time Duration: 2:05

Learn how to add web links to your document and have Bit automatically turn them into visual bookmarks and rich embeds.

How to Add Web Links & Rich Media

Video 2 out of 8

Time Duration: 1:33

Learn how to add, remove and adjust images and GIFs to your documents.

How to Add Images & GIFs to Your Document

Video 3 out of 8

Time Duration: 1:24

Learn how to add file attachments to your documents so your audience can download them.

How to Add Files to Your Document

Video 4 out of 8

Time Duration: 1:28

Learn how to collaborate on your documents and work together from anywhere in the world.

How to Collaborate in Real-Time

Video 5 out of 8

Time Duration:  3:07

Learn how to share your documents and track your audience engagement on the documents you create. 

How to Share & Track Your Documents

Video 6 out of 8

Time Duration:  1:23

Learn how you can save, access, reuse and share your all your digital assets with your team members. 

How to Use Your Content Library

Video 7 out of 8

Time Duration:  1:19

Learn how you and your teammates can jump quickly to various parts of your Bit documents. 

How to Use Your Table of Contents

Video 8 out of 8

Video 1 out of 8

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