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Bit's robust document and wiki sharing system is an incredibly efficient and intelligent method of sharing your content, whether it be within or beyond your organization. With options like real-time updates, embeds, tracking, lead capture and password protection, you have the flexibility to tailor sharing preferences according to your specific workflows.

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Fully integrated smart living documents designed for the new era.

Knowledge Base
Bit's powerful editor helps you and your team create interactive living docs.
Work seamlessly in real-time with multiple users and guestsfrom around the world.
Board Meetings
Share work intelligently via shareable links, trackable links & website embeds.
Education Courses
Maximize your productivity and writing skills in seconds using AI Genius.

Client Access Made Simple

Smart docs & wikis that will help you deliver powerful knowledge in the right way.

Secure Login

  • Share your Bit docs and wikis externally using links or embed them into other platforms or websites for seamless integration.
  • Capture leads by collecting contact information from individuals who interact with your shared content and gather analytics on its usage.
    Grant guest access to external users, enabling them to view and collaborate on your docs and wikis.

Unlimited Client Portals

  • To keep your documents and wikis up-to-date, you can make updates whenever you want. Simply refresh your page, and you will see the changes reflected on the live document and wiki sharing pages.
  • Turn off document sharing at any point with a single click of a button to remove access.

Permission Levels & Access Control

  • Simply add an embed iFrame code to just about any website or blog and watch your documents and wikis come alive.
  • With interactive embeds users can fill out surveys, interact with rich media integrations, play videos, scroll through PDF's and more.

Smart Search

  • Study your user engagement levels on the content you're creating. Track and study vists, time spent, popular pages and much more.
  • Create multiple trackable document links to share with your world. An efficient way to track user behavior across a single document.

Unlimited Wikis & Docs

  • Add a lead capture form to the documents you're tracking and have your audience fill out mandatory information before they can access your document or wiki.
  • Customize each lead capture form with fields like name, organization, email and more.

Unified Workspace

  • When sharing Bit docs and wikis choose whether you want to make the content password protected.
  • Simply add a password to your content to add an extra layer of protection on the content you're creating and sharing.

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