Smart Wikis

Bit wikis allow you to structure your information, share knowledge and learn as a company. Create wikis to share knowledge across your teams from anywhere in the world. Bit wikis can be used for internal collaborations as well as used externally for public-facing purposes.

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Create Smart Wikis on Anything

Fully integrated smart living wikis designed for the new era. Play with this live API Documentation example (click buttons, changes pages, search, etc.).

Turn Docs into Wikis with Subpages

  • Easily organize content by dragging and dropping wiki pages where you want them.
  • Interlink documents around various topics and subjects to have everything work together in perfect sync of knowledge.

Link to Different Sections of Documents

  • Add anchor links anywhere in a document by grabbing a link from the automated table of contents. Allow users to quickly scroll down the page to that exact location.
  • Users can also grab anchor links between documents that can reference another document and take a user to an exact location within a document.

Control Who You Share Knowledge With

  • Users can create an unlimited number of wikis and decide who gets to work on them or view them.
  • Granular workspace permissions levels help you manage who can contribute or edit knowledge.

Create Internal Wikis & Share With Your Team

  • Easily create wikis by converting any existing document into a wiki by simply adding sub pages.
  • Move wikis from one workspace to another based on your requirements to collaborate & easily share information with the right teams.

Create External Wikis & Share them With Anyone

  • Easily share your internal wikis with a private link for outside sharing or a trackable link to view stats.
  • Embed wikis on any website to be used externally for public-facing purposes with your company branding.

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