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What is a Software Requirements Document?

Software requirements are written up by the tech team depending on the project they are working on. As non-technical colleagues, clients and partners get involved it's important to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Why a Software Requirements Document is Important?

Software requirement documents provide an important map of the product being built, the features that will be included and much more. This roadmap helps to keep the technical and non-technical team on the same wavelength as to what the expectations are. It helps to ensure that the product is built meeting the needs whether it's for internal purposes, for users or clients.

What You Should Include in Your Software Requirements Document?

Software Requirements Document

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose: The introduction sets the expectations for the product.

1.2 Intended Audience: Who is the software for? Who is the end user - whether internally at a company or externally.

1.3 Intended Use: What is the software for? What problem is it solving?

1.4 Scope: Explain the scope of the software. What are the main goals and objectives? How do they relate to the company's goals?

1.5 Definitions and Acronyms: Provide an overview of any definitions the reader should understand before reading on.

2. Overall Description: Describe what you are building and for who.

2.1 User Needs: Explain the user needs for this software.

2.2 Assumptions and Dependencies: What assumptions are you making that could cause an error in your approach? Is the project reliant on any other factors that could affect the development of the software?

3. System Features and Requirements

3.1 Functional Requirements: Take time to define the functional requirements that are essential for the software to built.

3.2 External Interface Requirements: Are there any UX and UI requirements that you must keep in mind as you build?

3.3 System Features: What features are required for the software to even work.

3.4 Nonfunctional Requirements: Are there any non-functional requirements that you need to address (i.e. budget, team, etc.)

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