Bit is an all-in-one document collaboration platform for teams. 

Collaborate in real-time, manage your digital assets, and track your document engagements all from one place.

Say Hello to the Future of Documents

Creative Real-time

Document Collaboration

Collaborate on team documents and client facing documents with Bit's minimalistic smart editor.

Create live interactive documents with your team by adding visual web links, rich media, videos, graphic design embeds, social media posts, surveys, file attachments and more.

Keep everyone on the same page with powerful co-editing and real-time comments no matter where your team is located. Receive real-time notifications along the way.

Beautiful Client Facing


Choose from a vast library of templates and themes. Now anyone in your company can create professional looking documents in minutes.

Make your company branding stand out with your customizable subdomain, company logo branding on shared documents and custom document lead capture forms.

Share documents that are responsive and look great no matter what device they are viewed on. Automated table of contents makes navigation a breeze.

Create Interactive 

Smart Documents

Enrich your documents with any kind of digital content. Add videos, social content, music, cloud files, maps, charts, surveys/polls, code, graphic design prototypes, presentations and much more.

Create dimension to your communication by adding web links that automatically turn into interactive visual cards and rich embeds that live in your document.   

Share documents that have attachments inside them. Introduce files and attachments at the right time in your content. Give context to what you are sharing. 

Document Tracking & 

Lead Capture

Gain real-time insights when your audience engages with your content. Understand how much time they spent, how often they came back, how far they scrolled and more.

Insights help your team follow up intelligently when they share sales collateral, contracts, marketing material, RFPs, investor decks, reports, training documents and much more.

Capture leads by adding a customizable lead capture form on your documents. Protect your sensitive content with expiration dates and password protection.

Unified Content  Library

for Your Team

Create content faster by reusing assets from your library. Your content library can include all sorts of digital assets like cloud files, GIFs, videos, web links, SlideShares, presentations, etc.

Quickly filter and search to find any digital content you need to reuse in your documents. Search by file type, name, keywords, etc.

No more wasting time finding content stored in different places (email, chat, desktop, cloud storage, various applications, etc.). Increase employee productivity with faster access to content.

Fluid Workspaces for Your Business Flows

Keep your work organized by creating workspaces around projects, teams, clients, etc.

Workspaces are fluid and allow documents to be shared and moved through your organization's workflows making teams more efficient and productive.

Keep your teams coordinated and on the same page with real-time notifications and activity feed.

Template Gallery

Bit is Designed To Help Your Teams Succeed

Discover templates your team can start using today. Get inspired by what you can create!

Ready to create smarter workplace documents?





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