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Bit is a powerful replacement for Google Docs and Word. One central place to work independently and work together around any project. Create & share internal or external knowledge.

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Modern. Beautiful. Powerful Documents.

See how Bit documents will help you communicate smarter.
Select from a variety of templates to quickly get started. You can also choose between themes that will automatically format your document.
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Fast formatting. Select any text to make it bold, italics, turn it into a heading, quote, listing or add a hyperlink.
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Wiki/Interlink Docs
Select any text and interlink documents to create an internal or external wiki.
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Add any size image to a document and Bit's smart editor makes it easy to resize and look great. No more worrying about text wrap arounds.
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Choose from a growing list of widgets and add different types of digital content into your Bit document. Add 100+ file types, images, text blocks, code blocks, math equations, digital content in your library and more.
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Forget email attachments, you can add over 150+ file types inside your Bit documents. Allow your audience to download them and provide them with context & discussion around your files.
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Invite team members, partners and clients for real-time collaboration. Create smart interactive documents together.
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Invite team members, partners and clients for real-time collaboration. Create smart interactive documents together.
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Add a primary color to match your brand or add dimension to your Bit document.
Invite team members, partners and clients for real-time collaboration. Create smart interactive documents together.
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Chat with other team members, clients and partners. @mention anyone who is part of your shared workspace.
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Add links to any PDF, PPT or spreadsheet on the cloud from Google Drive, Box and One Drive. Bit will make it appear inside of your smart document. Provide structure and context to your content by bringing everything in one place.
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Invite team members, partners and clients for real-time collaboration. Create smart interactive documents together.
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Your documents will never look and feel the same again. Bit's collaborative documents can flow from text, to video, to inserted spreadsheets and more. There is no restriction on how you can stack elements together.

Organize Work with Fluid Workspaces

  • Keep your work organized by creating workspaces around projects, teams, clients, etc.
  • Documents & notes can be moved in and out of workspaces allowing teams to easily share and store knowledge without complicated sharing permission levels.
  • Keep your teams coordinated and on the same page with real-time notifications and activity feed.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

  • Collaborate on team notes and client facing documents with Bit's minimalistic smart editor.
  • Create live interactive documents with your team by adding visual web links, rich media, videos, graphic design embeds, social media posts, surveys, file attachments and more.
  • Keep everyone on the same page with powerful co-editing and real-time comments no matter where your team is located. Receive real-time notifications along the way.

Communicate More Intelligently with Rich Integrations

  • Enrich your notes with any kind of digital content. Add videos, social content, music, cloud files, maps, charts, surveys/polls, code, graphic design prototypes, presentations and much more.
  • Create dimension to your communication by adding web links that automatically turn into interactive visual cards and rich embeds that live in your document.  
  • Share documents that have attachments inside them. Introduce files and attachments at the right time in your content. Give context to your notes and documents you share .

Study User Engagement with Built-in Document Tracking

  • Gain real-time insights on your shared docs with document tracking. See how much time they spent, how often they came back, how far they scrolled and more.
  • Insights help your team follow up intelligently when they share sales collateral, contracts, marketing material, RFPs, investor decks, reports, training documents and much more.
  • Capture leads by adding a customizable lead capture form on your documents. Protect your sensitive content with expiration dates and password protection.

Save Valuable Time Searching Across All Your Content

  • Keep all your digital assets, notes and documents organized in one central place. Find anything in seconds via quick full text search or applying filters.
  • Bit automatically stores all your digital assets you add to your documents in your content library so you can re-use it later.
  • No more wasting time finding content stored in different places (email, chat, notes, desktop, cloud storage, various applications, etc.).

Create and Share Beautiful Documents in Minutes

  • Choose from a vast library of beautiful responsive templates and themes that look great on all devices.
  • Share your branded documents with anyone internally or externally with a simple link.  
  • Gain more control when you share your documents externally via lead capture forms, password protection, automatic destruction and more.

Why Bit is Your End-to-End Document Collaboration Solution?

Bit combines an endless number of tools to simplify your work and collaboration life.

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