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What is Project Charter Documentation?

A project charter sets the expectations of a project so that all stakeholders are in the loop with the purpose of the project, the scope, success criteria, deliverables, budget, risks, team, etc. It's an important document for the beginning stages of any project. It helps ensure that there were approvals before a project is started.

Why is Project Charter Documentation Important?

Project charters are important to put down all the work that a project entails, the budgets needs, the timelines, the team, the risks and more. By having everything written down, it helps ensure that the project has been analyzed and thought through from every angle. It provides time for the stakeholders to ask additional questions and adjust the project requirements before giving their approvals.

What You Should Include in Project Charter Documentation


Introduction: Explain the purpose of the charter

Business Case, Project Statement, and Scope: Unique project characteristics

Success Criteria: Define the project success and list critical success factors

Major Requirements or Deliverables: Describe the major stakeholder requirements or key project deliverables depending on how you choose to track your deliverables

Budget: Cost estimate, information about spending authority

Schedule or Milestones: When will the project be complete, and what are the major milestones?

Constraints and Assumptions: What are the project’s known and unknown parameters at this point in time?

Summary of Risks: A high-level overview of major threats to the project’s success

Team and Organization: List who will work on the project, who oversees the project, and outline their roles.

Approvals: A space for stakeholders to record their approval (or disapproval) of the charter document

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