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Create operational plans on Bit to ensure your company achieves its goals and mission.

What is Operational Plan Documentation?

Operational plans are created across an organization, focusing on what the company needs to meet its goals. In order for companies to grow it's important to understand the core KPIs and the company objectives. Hiring is an important part of this analysis to understand what departments need to grow on a monthly/quarterly basis to meet their goals. Operational plans also help analyze the risks involved in the business operations with a plan of how to address those issues.

Why is Operational Plan Documentation Important?

An operational plan is an important document to keep all key stakeholders, management and board members on the same page. It's important for everyone to be aligned with the company's mission, goals, risks, hiring needs, financial projections, KPIs, etc. By having all members of leadership understanding the larger goals it'll help as every department focuses on their contribution to the larger vision.

What You Should Include in an Operational Plan


Company Name

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Executive Summary: Describe the overall plan in a few sentences.

Strategic Context: Describe the company mission, vision, reasons this plan is important. Have there been changes in the competitive landscape? Have you raised a round of capital?

Company Objectives: What is the company trying to accomplish over the next year? What are the major goals & milestones that support the need for this operational plan.

Key Performance Indicators: Provide proof of the importance of the operational plan by sharing key number that support the ideas in this document.

Financial Summary: Give an overview of the financial breakdown and projects during the course of this plan. Ensure there is enough capital to execute upon this plan.

Hiring Plan: How many team members will be hired across different departments on a monthly/quarterly basis.

Key Assumptions & Risks: It's important to share what the risks to the business are and what could go wrong. Also address how the company could work towards mitigating those risks.

Goals: What KPIs will be improved as a result of this operational plan

Next Steps: Share what the next steps are. If there are approval processes needed, updates and reporting time frames, etc.

Key benefits of Making Your Operational Plan on Bit.ai

Bit is an collaborative interactive modern document platform that allows you to incorporate smart content inside of your documents. Businesses from across the globe are using Bit for fast beautiful documents.

Here are some of the man benefits of using Bit:

  1. Collaborate in real-time
  2. Interlink operational plan documents and other documents
  3. Create fully responsive documents
  4. Create private operational plans only visible to yourself or your team
  5. Track engagement on shared operational plans with consultants, partners, etc.

How to Make Your Operational Plan Interactive

Recommended power links and files you can add to your Bit operational plan template:

  • Web links
  • Google Sheets, OneDrive Excel, Airtable
  • GitHub
  • Social Media posts
  • YouTube, Vimeo
  • Draw.io, LucidCharts
  • Sketchfab, Figma, Marvel
  • PDFs, PowerPoint in Google Drive/OneDrive
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Operational Plan Template

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