Talent Acquisition Template

Create talent acquisition process documentation to help your hiring team bring in great talent.

What is a Talent Acquisition Process?

Talent acquisition process is a document that ensures that the hiring team is coordinated in their strategy to find and hire the best talent. By having all members of the hiring process coordinate together it helps reduce the time spent hiring.

Why Talent Acquisition Process is Important?

Talent acquisition process documentation helps with coordinating efforts across hiring managers, HR and external partners to help find the best talent to move your company ahead. It's important to create efficiencies and fill job positions quickly so that work doesn't stop.

What You Should Include in a Talent Acquisition Process?


Job Title: Add title of the job you are hiring for.

Hiring Manager

Ideal Hire Date

Job Position Details: Describe the job position.

Reasons for Opening: Explain whether it's a new position or replacement.

Salary: Include the salary range.

Direct Manager: Include who the direct manager would be.

Management Position: If yes, what does team structure look like?

Job Requirements:

  • Must Have Skills
  • Preferred Skills
  • Keywords
  • Deal-breakers
  • Soft Skills
  • Additional Notes

HR Job Promotion Strategy:

  • HR Point Person
  • Job board, LinkedIn, headhunters
  • Networking

Screening Process

Phone Interview

OnSite Interview Process

Key Benefits of Creating Your Talent Acquisition Process on Bit.ai

Bit is an collaborative interactive modern document platform that allows you to incorporate smart content inside of your documents. Businesses from across the globe are using Bit for fast beautiful documents.

Here are some of the man benefits of using Bit:

  1. Collaborate in real-time
  2. Interlink talent acquisition process documents
  3. Create fully responsive documents
  4. Create private talent acquisition process documents only visible to yourself or your team
  5. Track engagement on shared talent acquisition process with employees, consultants, etc.
  6. Embed your talent acquisition process onto any website.

How to Make Your Talent Acquisition Process Interactive?

Recommended power links and files you can add to your Bit document talent acquisition:

  • Web links
  • Google Sheets, OneDrive Excel, Airtable
  • PDFs, PowerPoint in Google Drive/OneDrive
  • Social Media posts
  • YouTube, Vimeo
  • Draw.io, LucidCharts
  • Sketchfab, Figma, Marvel
  • GitHub
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Talent Acquisition Template

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