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What is a Performance Improvement Plan?

A performance improvement plan is a plan that is written by a manager for an employee that outlines actions the employee needs to take to better their performance. The action plan is meant to provide tips and guidance of how the employee can succeed in their current role.

Why Performance Improvement Plans are Important?

Performance improvement plans are an important part of management. Sometimes employees fail to meet the expectations of the role they were hired for. Beyond meetings and messages an improvement plan helps to provide written guidance and steps that need to be fixed. It's a clear way of making sure management and the employee clearly understand what's missing and have a plan in place to fix it.

What You Should Include in Your Performance Improvement Plan?


Confidential Notice





Performance Deficiencies: Description of Performance Deficiencies

Previous Discussions: Make a note of all previous discussions around the performance issues.

Improvement Plan: Layout the steps that need to achieve in order to improve performance.

Resources: Include helpful resources the employee can review to help their performance.

Progress Update

  • Date
  • Comment
  • Manager

Timeline for Improvement, Consequences & Expectations: Add an expectation of when the changes need to take place by.

Signatures of Employee & Manager

Conclusion at the End of the Performance Time Frame: Did things turn around? Were expectations met?

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