SMART Goals Template

Create SMART Goals for yourself or your team to help achieve success.

What are SMART Goals?

SMART Goals is a technique used when setting goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. Many organizations and individuals use SMART goals when they have a north star that they are working on hitting.

Why are SMART Goals important?

SMART goals are an important way of preparing your mind to accomplish something by not just saying you want to, but taking the time to define how. By creating SMART goals you're more likely to achieve the goals you set. It'll be clear as to whether you have completed them or not. You'll be setting yourself up for success.

What you should include in SMART Goals?

  • Topic: Add what the SMART goals are about
  • Date: Include the date of when you created your SMART Goals
  • Participants: Add all stakeholders who are part of this SMART Goal
  • Goal: Write out your overall goal.
  • Specific: A specific goal describes the mission statement for your goal.
  • Measurable: The ability to measure the success or failure of a goal makes it more tangible.
  • Achievable: Weigh in the time, cost, and effort required to achieve the goal versus other commitments and priorities in your life.
  • Relevant: Why is the goal relevant to you?  Does it align with your other business/personal goals?
  • Time Bound: A goal without a deadline is just a dream. Stop dreaming and keep yourself responsible by setting up timelines for your goals.
  • Final SMART Goals: After brainstorming come up with your final SMART Goal.

Benefits of Making SMART Goals on

Bit is an collaborative interactive modern document platform that allows you to incorporate smart content inside of your documents. Businesses from across the globe are using Bit for fast beautiful documents.

Here are some of the man benefits of using Bit:

  1. Collaborate in Real-Time
  2. Interlink process documents
  3. Create fully responsive documents
  4. Create private SMART Goals only visible to yourself or your team
  5. Track engagement on shared SMART Goals with clients, partners, etc.

How to Make your SMART Goals Interactive?

Recommended Power links and Files you can add to your Bit Document Process Documentation Template:

  • Web links
  • Google Sheets, OneDrive Excel, Airtable
  • GitHub
  • Social Media posts
  • YouTube, Vimeo
  •, Lucidcharts
  • Sketchfab, Figma, Marvel
  • PDFs, PowerPoint in Google Drive/OneDrive
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SMART Goals Template

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