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What is a Customer Service Policy?

A customer service policy is a living document that is created for the customer service team to be on the same page. It provides guidance, advice and examples of how to ensure customer success.

Why Customer Service Policies are Important?

Customer service policies are an important document for any customer service team. It helps ensure that customers are treated in a similar fashion across all customer service representatives regardless of where they reside. Have a structure in place to guide and help customer service reps get up to speed helps ensure customer happiness and success.

What You Should Include in Your Customer Service Policy?


  • Product / Service Overview: Provide an overview of the product(s)/service(s) your company offers. Add links to other documents, demo videos and brochures that can be reviewed by customer service employees.
  • Standards of Customer Service: Take time to define what your company's standards of customer service are. Add values and traits that are important to your organization.

Customer Service Training

  • Communication: Cover how to understand the problem, identify the cause, propose a solution and solve the problem.
  • Follow Up: Explain the follow up process and how to ensure customer success and happiness.
  • Complaints: Provide examples of how to deal with complaints. Provide advice on how to deal with different customer temperaments and tips on how to maintain professional at all times.
  • Retention: Walk through the importance of retention and provide guidance and examples of how to ensure you retain customers and make them happy.
  • Gathering Feedback & Suggestions: Explain the importance of gathering feedback and suggestions. Have your employees share customer feedback with the team. Provide Google Forms, Typeform, etc. and have employees submit customer suggestions via the form.

Monitoring Performance:

Let employees know how their performance will be monitored and what types of expectations you have in place for employees to achieve. Every company has their own metrics they use to evaluate customer service representatives.

Key Benefits of Creating Your Customer Service Policy on

Bit is an collaborative interactive modern document platform that allows you to incorporate smart content inside of your documents. Businesses from across the globe are using Bit for fast beautiful documents.

Here are some of the man benefits of using Bit:

  1. Collaborate in real-time
  2. Interlink the customer service policy and other documents
  3. Create fully responsive documents
  4. Create customer service policy documents only visible to yourself or your team
  5. Track engagement on shared customer service documents with clients, partners, etc.

How to Make Your Customer Service Policy Interactive?

Recommended Power links and Files you can add to your customer service policy:

  • Web links
  • Google Forms, Typeform
  • Google Sheets, OneDrive Excel, Airtable
  • GitHub
  • Social Media posts
  • YouTube, Vimeo
  •, Lucidcharts
  • PDFs, PowerPoint in Google Drive/OneDrive
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