Effective Date: Nov 12, 2018.

Keeping your team's data secure is Bit.ai's top priority.


Bit.ai protects your data through robust encryption. All web clients leverage SSL/TLS 1.2 to communicate with Bit.ai's servers, ensuring all data is encrypted in transit. Data stored in Bit.ai's database is encrypted at rest using industry standard AES-256. All data backups are also similarly encrypted. Encryption keys are stored independently from the underlying encrypted data and files to further protect user data. 

Uptime and Availability

Bit.ai also has 24/7 monitoring and alerting to ensure the team immediately addresses any availability or performance issues with the service.

System Monitoring and Alerting

At Bit.ai, the production application and underlying infrastructure components are monitored 24/7/365 days a year, by dedicated monitoring systems. Critical alerts generated by these systems are sent to 24/7/365 on-call DevOps team members and escalated appropriately to operations management.

Data Confidentiality

Rest assured we take your privacy very seriously. The only people who can see your personal workspace is you. For any team workspace, the only people who can see documents and content within that workspace are the people who it's shared with.

Data Integrity

Bit.ai leverages security best practices to protect access to its' production servers hosted on third-party cloud providers. Bit.ai also regularly updates its' production servers and all running server software with the latest security patches to minimize potential vulnerabilities. As part of Bit.ai standard code review process with every code check-in, access control and security considerations are always reviewed.

PCI Compliance

Bit.ai is fully PCI Level 1 compliant through our billing partner, Stripe. This ensures your payment credentials are always protected, safe, and secure.

Servers and Networking

All servers that run Bit.ai software in production are recent, continuously patched Linux systems. Additional hosted services that we utilize, such as Amazon S3, Cloudfront and others, are comprehensively hardened AWS infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms. We do full daily automated backups of our databases. All backups are encrypted.

Coding and Testing Practices

Bit.ai leverages industry standard programming techniques such as having a documented development and quality assurance processes to ensure that the applications meet security standards.

Isolated Environments

The production network segments are logically isolated from other Corporate, QA, and Development segments.

Application Architecture

The Bit.ai web application is multi-tiered into logical segments (front-end, mid-tier, database and more), each independently separated from each other. This guarantees maximum protection and independence between layers.





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