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Embed Google Maps Directions inside of your Bit documents by adding a shareable link. It's time to communicate beyond text and images in your documents.

What is Google Maps Directions?

โ€Google Maps is a web mapping platform that is available on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. You can view locations, directions, satellite imagery, traffic conditions, and various types of route options. It's one of the most accurate ways to get around to any location on time.

โ€Why should you embed Google Maps Directions into your Bit documents?

โ€Our users like to enhance their work by embedding Google Maps Directions in their research documents, training manuals, reports, eBooks, lesson plans and much more. When there is content the comes alive inside of your written work it adds an impressive memorable visual touch. Regardless of your audience - whether it's colleagues, clients, partners, followers, students, etc. you'll leave them with an impact as smart digital content gets woven between your words.

โ€Key Benefits:

  • Add Google Maps Directions directly into your documents
  • Make your content engaging and interactive
  • Bring your audience into the future with modern documents

โ€Documents You Can Embed Google Maps Directions on:

  • โ€โ€Embed Google Maps Directions in project documents
  • Embed Google Maps Directions in marketing documents
  • Embed Google Maps Directions in training manuals

How do you embed Google Maps Directions into your Bit documents?

โ€It's incredibly easy to embed Google Maps Directions into your Bit documents.

  1. Go to Google Maps Directions open up any post that you would like to add to your Bit document and copy the shareable URL.
  2. Open up a Bit document and paste the URL on a blank line.
  3. Bit will automatically start loading your Google Maps Directions and have it appear inside of your content!
  4. For additional formatting options you can click on the three dots on the top right corner. This tool bar will allow you to add a caption or delete it.

Start adding visual magic to your words with smart Bit documents.

โ€Video Tutorial: Learn how to embed Google Maps Directions

โ€Embed Google Maps Directions in Your Bit Documents

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