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Why Bit?

We believe documents should be multi-dimensional and tell a story beyond simple text.  

Bit documents have been created for an enhanced user experience both for the creator and the receiver. Add text, images, videos, links, code snippets, rich media and even files within your document to communicate effectively.

Bit Documents to the Rescue: Smartest Digital Documents

Question #1

Do you wish your documents could contain more than just text and images?

Bit has been designed to work well with companies of all sizes, regardless of the industry and organizational structure. Move documents, content and collaborate fluidly across teams and clients to get work done.

 Access Content Intelligently with Bit's Collaborative Workspaces

Question #2

Does your team struggle with sharing permissions and accessing company assets and documents?

We believe traditional documents lack the insights necessary to retain a competitive edge. It's important to understand not only whether your document has been delivered but how it was actually engaged with. Insights make it possible for documents to tell an alternative story - that of your audience.

Bit Provides Powerful Document Analytics & Insights

Question #3

Do you ever wonder what happens to your documents after you share them?

Receive real-time notifications when a document has been viewed. Create a new standardization of timely follow-ups to get work done. Respond directly to message from your audience no matter where you are.

Receive Real-time Notifications Wherever You Are

Question #4

Do you want to receive notifications when someone has opened one of your documents?

Don't let your content spread across the web suck up your time. Navigate through hundreds of digital content sources to locate files, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, images and more. Bit's powerful search helps you search by the title, source, tags, descriptions and more.

Bit's Automated Content Management System

Question #5

What if your Dropbox files, YouTube videos, web articles, Google Spreadsheets could live in one searchable location?

Bit is Your End-to-End Business Document Solution. 

Document Management

Note Taking

Communication Tool

Content Management

Document Editor

Sales Acceleration

Bit combines an endless number of tools to simplify your work and collaboration life. 

Work smarter not harder.

Digital Asset Management

Collaboration Tool

Project Management

Content Management

Document Tracking

Sales Enablement

Process Management

Lead Capture

Content Management

Document Presentation

Content Management

Sales Engagement

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