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Brainstorm Template

Brainstorm with dynamic content and turn your ideas into action.

Bit document's Brainstorm template is a smart way to explore ideas on your own or by collaborating with others. Add any type of digital content and watch it appear visually. You're no longer limited to bullet points and can add YouTube videos, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Google Spreadsheets, GitHub gists and much more.  By bringing in layers of content into a single place you're able to think through an idea from all angles. 

If you're working on an idea that requires thoughts, feedback, and research from others, Bit is one of the smartest ways to explore those ideas. By adding dynamic visuals you can collectively think through your ideas and come up with the best solutions. The best part about Bit documents is that your teammates can be anywhere in the world and you can collaborate together in real-time. 

Use this template as a guide and customize it for your unique needs. Work through your ideas and move them from a problem, through your dynamic research and coming up with the best solution. 

Start brainstorming in your Bit documents and turn your ideas into action!

Select from a variety of templates and themes that will automatically format your document as you type. Don't waste your valuable time designing a document.

Share & Track Your Documents

Add Files From Your Devices

Add Files From Cloud Storage Systems

Bit Document Template Design and Key Features

Your documents will never look and feel the same again. 

Bit's smart documents can flow from text, to video, to inserted spreadsheets and there is no restriction on how you can stack elements together.

Collaborate With Your Team

Add links to any PDF, PPT or spreadsheet on the cloud from Google Drive, Box and One Drive. Bit will make it appear inside of your smart document. Add dimension & interactivity to your Bit documents.

Receive real-time alerts when someone opens your smart document, know how many times they have opened it, how long they spent viewing it and set  up lead capture, password protection and revoke access to the document anytime. 

Select Any Theme Color

Invite team members, partners and clients to join you on your Bit document. Create smart interactive documents together.

Add a primary color to match your brand or add dimension to your Bit document.

See how you can make your brainstorm document come alive.

Smart Editor

Choose Themes & Templates

Bit takes care of spacing and layout choices to make document creation quicker. Select any text to make it bold, italics, turn it into a heading, quote, listing or add a hyperlink. 

Add Images

Add over 150+ file types to your Bit documents. Allow your audience to download them and provide them with context & discussion around your files.

Add any size image to a document and Bit's smart editor makes it easy to resize and look great. No more worrying about text wrap arounds. 

Add Rich Media

Add any YouTube, Vimeo, Ted Video or a video hosted on Google Drive, etc. and add the URL. Simply hit enter and a video player will be added inside your smart interactive document. 

Smart Widgets

Choose from a growing list of widgets and add different types of digital content into your Bit document. Add 100+ file types, images, text blocks, code blocks, math equations, digital content in your library and more. 

Add any web link into a blank line in Bit and hit enter. Watch Bit automatically turn it into a visual link. Edit the title and description to add meaning for your audience.

Add Weblinks

Recommended Power links & Files you can add to your Bit Document Brainstorm Template: 

- Visual Web links

- Google Sheets, One Drive Excel

- YouTube, Vimeo Videos

- Upload files

- PowerPoint & PDFs in Google Drive, One Drive

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