Bit workspaces are the smartest way for teams to work together across an organization. Break down communication barriers and collaborate effectively with your teams, external partners and clients to get work done. 

Workspace Collaboration

Everything in Bit starts with a workspace.




Remote Teams


Create workspaces around personal projects, brainstorms, notes, and research. Every workspace you create is personal and only visible to you until you invite others to join you.


Collaborate within a workspace to  work together on ideas and share resources. Get alerts and insights on the work that is being done. Make content accessible to your team.

A workspace is an isolated working environment in the cloud where work gets done. Members of an organization can create an unlimited number of workspaces based on their business needs. Each workspace can have multiple collaborators who have access to documents and digital assets within those workspaces. Create personal workspaces, project-based workspaces, around teams, departments, cross-functional teams, remote employees and clients. 

Invite members across teams to collaborate on ideas and projects. Decrease turn around time and create efficiencies. Remove information silos to help your team succeed.

Include everyone in your company to view important documents and access digital content. Share important news, content, and resources with your employees.

Collaborate and work together in one place regardless of geographic location. Share and exchange important information and resources to keep everyone on the same page.

Invite clients to collaborate on projects and initiatives to help get client-focused work done. Share ideas, visuals, reports and more to provide your clients with optimal customer service.

Document Version Control

All documents in a workspace are updated in real-time allowing your team to have access to the most current version of a document. Eliminate document confusion and outdated content by keeping your team in sync. Remove the need to control document versions manually. 

Understand the activity within a workspace to help your team work smarter together. Stay on top of changing developments within the workspaces you are a part of. With real-time alerts and notifications, stay in the loop no matter where you are.

Real-Time Activity Feed

document collaboration for teams

Smart Content Management

All of your digital assets used in documents are saved in your workspace content library in the cloud. This provides your teammates and collaborators with easy access to use that information at anytime from anywhere. Share all types of digital assets from files, social media posts, spreadsheets, YouTube videos and more.

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