Bit's Document tracking system will help you understand what happens to your documents after you share them. Get smart insights into your shared documents like who opened it, when did they open it, how far they scroll and how much time they spent on the document.

Document Tracking System

Bit helps you share live documents and trackable documents.  Each Bit document enables you to create multiple trackable links for every recipient or group you want to track. Study your audience's interaction with your content for smarter follow-ups with document tracking.

Intelligent Trackable Sharing

Receive Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time alerts when a client, partner or colleague opens up a document you are tracking. Decrease turn around time by being able to follow up promptly to get work done. Gather insights to help you understand how your audience interacts with your content with document tracking.

Study User Engagement Levels

Bit's document tracking system provides document analytics to help you understand how users are engaging with your content. How much time users are spending viewing documents, their scroll ratio, user information and much more.

Lead Capture

Add a lead capture form to your documents you are tracking. Customize the fields to collect information on your visitors. Include a password for extra protection.  Bit is a smart way to gather audience information and convert more leads.

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