Bit's content management system allows employees and partners in various offices, locally or globally to centralize, collaborate and co-author documents in real time. All the documents and digital assets are accessible at any time from anywhere. 

Content Management System

Bit automatically saves and organizes all your digital assets and files that you add to your documents so that you can reuse them at a later point. Saving you and your company valuable time searching across platforms for digital assets.

Automated Content Library

Supports Any Type of Digital Asset

Bit documents can include text, images, videos, code blocks, visual web links, Google Docs, Dropbox files, SlideShares, YouTube videos and more. Bit Documents are truly dynamic and interactive making your communication more relevant in today's context. 

Supports 150+ File Types

Bit documents can support over a 100 different file types so you can add any type of content to your Bit documents. Bit is truly an innovative collaborative document that brings together all of your content across your information silos in one place.

Move, Copy Assets to Workspaces

Bit CMS makes it easy for you to copy or move documents and assets from one workplace to another for efficient work across teams and departments. Get instant access to digital assets and files you need.  Bit's content management system makes it simple for you to create, edit, share and manage your digital content effortlessly.

Smart Content Search

Stop wasting time looking for your assets in emails and different applications. Bit's smart content search lets you find the content you need quickly. Search your content based on it's title, keywords, tags, content type, etc.

Cloud Based Content Management System For Teams





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